Rebright Featured in Portside Magazine

Rebright Industries was profiled in Portside Magazine’s Summer 2014 cover story “Material Metamorphosis: From Trash to Treasure.”  Portside is published by the Port of Portland.

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Community Partnerships: Portland State University

Rebright Industries is excited to announce our partnership with Portland State University.  Architecture Professor Margarette Leite’s Advanced Architectural Materials Class (ARCH 462/562) will be developing creative product solutions for materials that would otherwise be headed to the landfill.  Margarette and her students have been recognized for their ability to combine innovative design with socially-beneficial results, and we are fortunate to work with Margarette and her class.

“Our students and faculty at PSU’s School of Architecture see real life problem solving with community partners as a true test of their skills and an unbeatable learning experience,” said Margarette.   “We are thrilled about this opportunity to work with Rebright Industries to find solutions to our construction industry’s wasteful habits by turning landfill-bound construction materials into useful and exciting new building products.”

Rebright is committed to engaging our community and finding scalable solutions for end-of-life materials. Collaborations with like-minded partners such as Margarette and her talented class offer exceptional opportunities to help achieve our goal of enhancing social, environmental, and capital resources by recovering value from the waste stream.

Material collection at PDX

Material collection at PDX

Great products begin with the right raw material, and for Rebright that means identifying high value material streams that would otherwise be landfilled. In Portland, there is no shortage of organizations on the cutting edge of waste reduction, making it an ideal location for re-manufacturing partnerships.

Long before sustainability became a buzzword, the Port of Portland made reducing waste and improving recycling a priority by starting a unique partnership with Community Environmental Services (CES), a research and service unit at Portland State University. Nearly ten years later, CES has helped significantly improve waste practices, making Portland International Airport (PDX), a national leader in waste reduction and material innovation.

In late 2012, Rebright collected over 3.5 tons of decommissioned escalator handrail from the Port of Portland. The rail provided the foundation for the development of Rebright’s first product line: BetterRail. WIth excellent performance over multiple applications including hand rail, impact rail, and custom fixtures, BetterRail offers customers a superior performing product — while also delivering social and environmental value. The Port has partnered with Rebright to continue supplying the decommissioned rail.

Learn more about CES and the Port of Portland.  Return to Rebright website.

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